Turn a Master Bath into a Calming Spa

Renovating an outdated master bathroom into a heavenly spa oasis adds resale value to a home and provides a relaxing retreat, to soak away the stress of daily life.

Aside from the aesthetic beauty of a newly remodelled master bathroom, and the daily pleasure obtained from using it, it will add immense house value upon resale. On average, a well fitted luxury master spa bathroom will offer a 115% return on investment. Think of it as a personal loan with benefits – remodel, enjoy it for years, and when the time comes to sell, the personal loan is repaid with interest.

Creating the Spa Experience at Home
Spas have become popular, not simply for the treatments that are provided to clients, but for the ambiance and sense of complete peace and quiet the spa environment offers. Don’t we all just want to block off a ‘me’ day once a month, head for the spa for a relaxing massage; break away from the stresses of everyday life and completely rejuvenate?

At £250 to £400, or more, for a full day at the spa; it is not affordable for most people. Aside from the cost, once the spa day is over, there is the chore of going back to the real world; getting dressed, bearing the weather, jumping back into the car to head half way across the city to get home; by which time, the calming effects of the spa are long gone.

For the cost of about 12 trips to the spa, anyone can turn a master bathroom into a sensational spa retreat. Deciding on what to include in a master bath retreat can be tricky. A lot depends on the shape and size of the bathroom, what features are “must haves”, and how much money can be allocated to the project. There are some key elements that make an ordinary bathroom transform into a spa oasis, starting with the bathtub.

Buy A Beautiful Bathtub for your New Master Spa Retreat
The bathtub is the focus of a spa oasis for the master bathroom. Really shop around and compare, because pricing can be extreme from one supplier to another, for the very same tub. Great places to check out are B&Q or Argos; both offer high end luxury tubs at terrific prices. There are a few points to consider when shopping for bathtubs, so let’s take a closer look at the critical factors.

Don’t purchase a bathtub that is too small; it will be a regrettable mistake. Make sure to buy a soaker tub that is large enough to fully recline in; There is nothing worse that trying to take a long soothing soak in a cramped space.
Decide on end or side tub faucets: This generally is dictated by the shape of the tub and the size of the bathroom. Side mounted faucets are truly unique but are not ideal for every space. However, if space allows, side mounts are highly recommended; this allows for ample head and foot room at both ends of the tub, without taps getting in the way.
Choose a neutral colour, such as white or bone. Designer colours will go out of style, and since the tub will be an investment of several thousand dollars, you should make sure the investment retains its value and does not become a decorating burden a few years from now.

Jetted Whirlpool Tub
To jet or not to jet; that is the big bathtub question. If you choose a jetted whirlpool tub, go for quality: Repair or replacement of motors and jets can be very costly. A name brand will cost more, but in the long run, well worth the extra money. Expect to pay in the region of £1,500 to £5,000 for a quality hydrotherapy bathtub. If possible, purchase a tub with at least 6 jets and a decent powered motor, so that you can truly experience the full effects of the hydrotherapy.

If space is limited in the master bath retreat, there are several exceptional spa tub/shower combinations that offer jetted soaker tubs encased in glass with a full Swedish shower, complete with body jets. Some of these high end combination units even feature steam and CD stereos. These are an excellent alternative to a showcase soaker tub and separate shower stall, and cost around £3,500 to £7,000.