Top Teeth Whitening Kits

Using teeth whitening kits is very appealing to a lot of people, as you are able to whiten your teeth and still not pay a large price for the dentist. Although there are some kits out there that will cost quite a bit they will be much cheaper than laser whitening your teeth. However you should know that whitening your teeth at home may be very uncomfortable if you have sensitive teeth. The bleaching agent can burn your gums or teeth, this is not a permanent burn as long as you use it as directed but still can be uncomfortable for some people. Also what you need to do before you decide that you want whiter teeth is find out what type of stains you have on your teeth. Basically you need to figure out if the stains on your teeth are on the surface or below the enamel. Using a teeth whitening kit will only get rid of the surface stains you will need a dentist to assist you with below the surface stains by placing veneers on your teeth. After this you are ready to decide on what teeth whitening kit you want to use in order get a whiter brighter smile!

Before Starting

Make sure that you have stains on the surface of your teeth and not anything below that, as the bleaching agent will not penetrate the enamel of your teeth. This is done by using a white piece of paper and placing it next to your face and looking in the mirror. If your teeth looks more yellow then congratulations you have stains on the surface and you can get a much whiter smile at home! If it looks more of a gray color then that means that you have stains below the surface and you will need to ask your dentist about veneers for your teeth if you still want a whiter smile.

Deciding What You Want

Next you need to decide what you want to purchase, there are plenty of different kits in which you can choose from out there. You just need to decide on if you are going to want fast results, least uncomfortable route, cheapest route? Its all up to you. Some of the different teeth whitening kits that are available as I stated above have burned people with sensitive teeth and left their teeth a little sensitive for a day or two after using the bleaching agent. That is not to say that they stopped because of this because they want whiter teeth just like you, so they decide for the most part it is worth it. It isn’t going to be that bad of a burn most of the time and you won’t know how sensitive your teeth are until you try it but you can read about some of these different teeth whitening gels that are available and what other people think about them.

At you will see some of the best teeth whitening kits and small reviews for each of them.

Don’t Want To Spend Money

There are actually options for those of you that don’t want to spend either a lot of money or any at all. There are home made options for the more adventurous types. These different ways of making your own teeth whitening paste use household ingredients that you probably have lying around the house and will be able to do it tonight if you wanted to! This if the option for people that say to themselves “I want to whiten my teeth but don’t want to invest anything into it just yet.” This isn’t meant to be the end all way of whitening your teeth but in my opinion it wont hurt and you can do it pretty often so if you are out of money this month use these methods then go out and purchase more whtiening gel next month ETC. You really can do anything you want with this and use it as your primary source of getting whiter teeth or you can use it as your backup plan, it won’t hurt your teeth.