Social Factors to Consider Before Buying a House

When you are considering buying a house, note that not all the costs associated with the purchase of a house are quantifiable.

Purchasing the family home is the most expensive purchase most people will ever make. Whilst the surveyor has made sure that a home complies with all the legal and structural requirements and the estate agent has determined its fair market value, it is down to the individual to weigh-up the relative social factors involved. A checklist is absolutely essential before buying a house. Don’t let the home buying process become the source of a costly mistake.

The Cost of Buying a House is Not Just Financial
According to the July 2009 Halifax house price index, the average property now costs £158,871. Whilst the price of the family home provides a good indication of the local area, certain factors will be more important to one person than another. A checklist will allow the buyer to determine the suitability of their purchase at the right stage of the home buying process.

Checklist Before Buying a House
Noise: Look for factors that may disturb your sleep, such as the sound of traffic from a nearby interstate, rowdy teenagers or loud parties. Always visit during the small hours of the morning as sound travels more at night.
Smells: Odours from manufacturing, waste processing and rendering facilities can be difficult to live with. A few random visits to the local area before buying a house will quickly enable someone to determine whether this could be an issue.
Animals: If not keen on certain animals, make sure that the new neighbours don’t have any. The sound of constantly barking dogs could be very annoying.
Hospitals. Make sure that a medical facility is not too far away.
Crime: Check with the local police department to find out whether the local area has a problem with family home break-ins, burglary, drugs or car theft. The police usually keep comprehensive records of the worst affected neighbourhoods.
Sex offenders: U.S. citizens who have young children should consider checking the National Sex Offender Public website. This is currently available to the residents of 40 U.S. states. This information is not available in the UK.
Commute time: Check to see how long it will take to get to work by car or public transport as part of the home buying process. Will both travel time and costs increase as a result of the move?
Schools: Those who have young children need to be aware of how accessible schools are; check the reputation of schools in the local area.

Drawing-up a checklist is absolutely essential before buying a house, as it helps to identify potentially troublesome factors that the professionals don’t look at. After all, not all home buying ‘costs’ are financially quantifiable. Invest a little time prior to purchasing the family home.