Ideas for a Basement

The basement is one area that is often under-utilised. Here are some great budget redecorating ideas which can be used to give the drab and dull basement space a makeover.

Basement remodelling and decorating do not require a great deal of money or time. All it needs is a little imagination and a few things to add life and colour to an otherwise boring area. Here are some ideas that can be used to transform this space into different kinds of room.

Family Room
Redecorating the basement to make it into a cosy family room is easy and fun to do. Paint the walls in a cheerful colour and add a few rugs, a comfortable couch, and few floor cushions. Framed photographs and pictures will add personality and warmth to the space. A storage closet or cabinet can hold favourite books, movies and music. A television and a music system will complete the picture.

Home Office
The basement can easily be converted in a home office, since it offers both privacy and quiet. A desk with drawers, a few chairs and storage racks, and cupboards to store files and books, will be all the furniture that is required. Add a rug or throw, pictures, and an electric kettle to make that hot cup of coffee. Adequate lighting will ensure that eyes aren’t strained from reading or computer work.

The Storage Basement
One of the best uses of basement space is storage. However, instead of simply dumping everything, organise storage and optimise space by adding racks, a storage cabinet, or a closet. Wall mounted storage solutions will keep things off the floor, while a storage closet can hold items like extra linen or kitchen appliances. Organise items and label boxes and shelves, for easy and quick identification.

A basement can be remodelled into a main bedroom, or it can be used as a guest room. For beds take a look here as they have cheap divan bed sales now on. Tasteful and pretty wallpaper, a comfortable bed, nightstand and a small dresser will turn a drab room into a functional guest room. Using coordinated linen and adding small but thoughtful touches, will make the room warm and welcoming.

These ideas will turn any basement into an area that will be a well integrated part of the main house and not just an extension. Do take adequate steps to prevent flooding, pests, and poor lighting. By spending just a little time and some effort; a basement can be redecorated easily and on a limited budget.