Changing Kitchen Countertops

Kitchens can be given a whole new look by simply changing the countertops.

Quartz and granite kitchen countertops are formed differently, and therefore have different appearances and levels of durability, and offer differing amounts of stain resistance. Homeowners choosing between the two styles of countertop often choose based on the appearance of a particular type.

For the most part, quartz and granite kitchen countertops are available for approximately the same cost. Installation charges are similar as well, despite the differences in material. Granite is more brittle, and more liable to crack or break. Moulded quartz is more flexible, but is much heavier than a granite surface. These challenges contribute to the expense of installation. Ongoing maintenance for the two surfaces, however, does differ.

Granite kitchen surfaces must be treated with a sealant every few years, to prevent food residue, bacteria, mould, or other contaminants from lodging within the natural holes in the stone. In addition, granite is less stain resistant than quartz, which may result in a less beautiful surface after some years have passed. Quartz kitchen surfaces, on the other hand, are extremely stain resistant and non-porous. The quartz surfaces do not require sealing, and are only vulnerable to discolouration from constant and direct sunlight, or harsh chemicals such as those used to unclog drains.

Homeowners who resurface kitchen countertops with quartz appreciate the unique characteristics of a moulded quartz. The quartz countertop can be custom-dyed to match other kitchen surfaces, with custom pigments placed in the mix of crushed quartz and resin during moulding. In addition, the quartz surfaces are extremely uniform, with each piece matching the other pieces exactly. This reduces the appearance of seams, and results in a perfectly coordinated kitchen.

Kitchen countertop resurfacing with granite is equally attractive, but is chosen by homeowners with slightly different priorities. A granite surface is naturally beautiful, and offers slight variations in colour that make each countertop unique and special. In addition, granite countertops increase the value of a home more than moulded quartz countertops, despite the similarity in cost.

Zodiac Kitchen Countertops
Zodiac kitchen countertops are a style of manufactured quartz countertop. This company offers moulded quartz countertops that are dyed to simulate granite slab countertops. As quartz moulding technology improves, it is possible that the beauty of simulated granite, combined with the durability and sanitary appeal of a quartz surface, will increase the value of quartz surfaces.