Best Tips for Looking after Aluminium Garden Furniture Sets

Garden furniture is an essential item to making your garden welcoming and comfortable enough to relax in. With clever design and shopping, you can create a garden that is worthy of gracing the pages of an international magazine. The main problem with garden furniture though is looking after it, to ensure it always looks as good as the day you bought it. Here are our tips on how to do that.

How to look after Aluminium Garden Furniture Sets

Always check for rusty spots, especially after a spell of cold and rainy weather. If you find them, fix them straight away. Do not leave them to rot further into the frame. A simple sanding down and treatment with a rust preventer, followed by a new coat of paint will have it looking brand new again.

Regularly oil any joints or moving parts to prevent pressure and possibly breakage.

If possible, store your garden furniture inside when it is not in use. Aluminium Garden Furniture Sets like this are ideal because they fold away to minimize space. If this is not possible, invest in a good set of garden furniture covers.

Yearly, apply an outer protective coating to prevent moisture and weather conditions from dampening the appearance and colour.

If the furniture is lightweight, invest in some heavy standing bases. These are mostly used for umbrellas and tables.

Remember if you want to clean your Aluminium furniture to do it during warm weather to prevent unnecessary rusting.

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