Apartment Design Ideas

There are many ways to decorate an apartment without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas for inexpensive design, and storage solutions for small spaces.

Decorating an apartment doesn’t have to mean buying expensive furniture sets. With a little creativity, apartment tenants can design a rental that maximises space without breaking the budget.

Add Colour and Pattern with Textiles
Interesting textiles and fabrics are an easy and inexpensive way to add colour and personality to a rented space.
Make covers for mismatched throw pillows and cushions, to create a cohesive design. Choose fabrics with patterns and designs in similar colours, to add dimension to a neutral sofa or chair. Don’t limit the fabrics to yards from a craft supply store: look for inexpensive curtains, shower curtains, or even outgrown dresses and shirts.

Add a romantic touch to an apartment bedroom with a set of custom bed curtains. Install three curtain rods to the ceiling above a bed and attach three long curtains to them, so that the curtains drape elegantly along the head and sides of the bed. Sheer curtains lend an airy, beach cottage feel to a bedroom, while heavier fabrics will warm up and close off the space. Note: it is important to get written permission from a landlord when installing more permanent features such as curtain rods.

Cinder Block Bookshelves
Take a cue from a classic college dorm idea: the humble cinderblock bookshelf. Constructed by laying wooden planks over a set of cinderblocks or bricks; this design concept is simple, and cheaper than buying a pre-made bookshelf. These open-ended bookshelves will provide an industrial, loft-style look. A coat of paint freshens up these bookshelves and helps carry on the space’s colour scheme.

Creative Clothes Storage
Brand-new dressers, wardrobes, and closet organisers can be pricey. These storage solutions will help contain clothes clutter, while going easy on the wallet.

Use existing pieces of furniture in new ways. Repurpose anything from extra bookshelves, to a sideboard that doesn’t fit in a cramped dining room, as clothing storage. Repaint pieces to give the space a unified feel.
Use bed risers to lift a low bed a few extra inches from the floor; The extra space can be utilised as storage space for off-season clothing.

Wall Art
In a rented space, painting isn’t always allowed; if it is, it can be expensive. Create custom art pieces to take up empty wall space and personalise an apartment:
A few yards of funky fabric can easily be turned into wall art pieces. A blank canvas from an art supply store provides the foundation: simply cover the canvas and staple the fabric to the inside edge of the frame. Hang in a set of three vertically, or above a sofa.
Elegant wall art does not have to be expensive: visit a local flea market or antique mall and look for a set of vintage plates or saucers. Experiment with different arrangements and attach to the wall using picture hangers.

Decorating a rental unit on a low budget doesn’t have to look cheap or be a lot of work. A little creativity is all it takes to save on furniture and decoration options for an apartment.